Pete’s Wish Fund

Pete Chorbajian was known to all as a funny, gregarious and quick-witted person.  His infectious personality touched so many and immediately drew them into his life. Even though Pete’s life was rich with supportive family and friends, he was in desperate need of help with addiction. He turned to Fellowship Living to pursue his personal inner journey and commitment to live an alcohol and drug free life.


When Pete first crossed our doors, it was obvious that his life of dependency had taken its toll, aging him beyond his years. Recovery is a daily challenge with setbacks.  It would take lots of time and work to get Pete back to physical and mental health.   At Fellowship, he fought the battle, as many do, one day at a time and freely gave his support to others, struggling in their own recoveries. 

The Fellowship staff, like many others in Pete’s life, immediately came to love his supportive and charming personality.  Most importantly, Pete embraced them, the programs, and peer support at Fellowship, seeking a fresh start. 

And, when Fellowship opened a unique new initiative in 2018, Fellowship’s South Florida Community Respite, a temporary sober living environment for those who have relapsed, waiting for transitional living, or in transit to a court-ordered program, Pete became one of its most active advocates. 

It was the perfect place for Pete.  He spent countless hours there with the others who came through its doors.  As Pete healed and continued working in our Community Respite, we witnessed another beautiful side of him: one of caring, determination and compassion that lifted-up others like himself.


Tragically, while continuing his life of recovery and actively helping others, a stroke caused by a blood clot, ended his life. Rick Riccardi, founder of Fellowship Living and a good friend of Pete and family, had this to say, “Pete was always willing to help someone in need.”  He was a generous soul even when he was without means. He was acutely aware of the vicissitudes that sometimes prevent young and old from embracing recovery.

Pete’s sister Annie had this to say, “Pete was someone who always reached out a hand or took the time to have a heartfelt conversation of encouragement, struggling himself in the meantime.  He didn’t anticipate setbacks.  No one in that situation does.  But, quite often, it happens.  He picked himself back up and moved forward, right up to his passing.” 


It is in this vein that Rick and The Chorbajian Family wish to continue to aid those in need through our Pete’s Wish Fund, established to build on his legacy of helping others.

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Fellowship Foundation is a non-profit (501c3) organization